Mommy Poet

Purse to pen
digging for paper
pen to paper
pause to think

the poem forms
i begin to scrawl
hoping that
it can be read
after I answer
my children's call


Morning Tea

Aurora sweeps butterfly kisses across my cheeks.
She calls me to rise and greet the day.
I lay measuring my breaths in morning prayer.
A simple pleasure awaits me.
I anticipate the rumble of the kettle,
watching the bits, apple, hibiscus, rose petals,
my herbal tea, swirling in the flow of hot water
I pour into my transparent teapot,
changing it from glass to ruby.


Mood Music

We can make a symphony
filled with imagined possibilities.
We will not speak in overt rhythms
or high ringing tones;
we will whisper in soft cadences
that we must pause to hear.
When next we breathe,
we will glimpse
the meaning in the sound.
Whether shouted, sighed or softly cried
the message is clear--
I love you.



For me, you are an oasis,
a friend from extreme to extreme,
close in times of conflict and need and moments of paradise;
a well-spring of rejuvenating waters,
your spirit and actions heal and sooth.
With you, I feel free as I am.
Struggles past dim to insignificance
and the future happily out of reach.
The present cradles me close.
Warm, Radiant, Whole
I am more than happy.
I know peace in communion rather than in my solitary union.
It is different and meant to be.
For me, you are an oasis
that grows more bountiful on my every return.
All journeys draw me back to your sustenance.
For me, you are an oasis of Love.

from Eclectic-A chapbook


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Valentine's Day

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i love chocolate.
white chocolate,
milk chocolate,
dark chocolate,
bittersweet almond joy chocolate
all kinds of chocolate.

a hershey's kiss under an arbor,
an oreo cookie on the divan,
a godiva martini on the lake,
a bittersweet chocolate sliver in my cake,
i love chocolate.

smooth chocolate,
rich chocolate,
fragrant chocolate,
touched by vanilla chocolate,
velvet on my tongue chocolate,
i love chocolate.



I have a photo of you,
but you're not in it.
How's it a picture of me--
when I'm not in it?
Oh, but you are.
I have the rest of the photo
in here
I answer while tapping
my temple.
I recall the occasion
and our friends
and you across from me.
You've said something funny,
very funny.
In the photo, my face is luminous,
full of joy in your company.
My eyes shine with amusement and adoration.
You're outlined
in the smiling curve of my lips.
You're reflected
in the relaxed slope of my shoulders,
as I gaze across the photo
into the face of the man I love.